Benefits and Pricing


For district managers to capture weekly, monthly and quarterly
infractions with detailed pictures and comments

  • Customized site visit and field audit forms
  • Advanced scoring rules
  • Digestible email summaries
  • Reduction in labour costs & incident resolution time
  • Comprehensive insights and analytics
  • Unlimited usage
  • Unlimited checklists
  • Unlimited users


For shift managers to capture daily checklists and
temp logs at each of your stores from a phone or tablet

  • Customized daily opening, closing and safety checklists
  • Easy access to health & safety records for franchisees & management
  • Increased checklist completion rate
  • Reduced incident resolution time
  • Comprehensive insights and analytics
  • Unlimited usage
  • Unlimited checklists
  • Unlimited users

Estimate your savings based on your operational process

“There’s a huge difference between MeazureUp and paper. Paper can be very time consuming - we now save hours a day. And the return on investment is all about manpower. On top of preparing weekly reports, we have to multitask. With this process, getting more time back is huge.”Richard RasayArea Supervisor of the Big Island at Aloha Gas, 55+ LocationsView Customer Story
"I used to have to get back to the office, type up an evaluation, send it to our franchisees and hope they opened it. Now I don’t have to do anything on my end but go through a digital checklist, make notes, and it is automatically sent to them.” Cierra MillerShop Performance Manager, 106 locaationsView Customer Story
“MeazureUp screams engagement and routines. It’s not just another way to assess performance, it’s a way to coach your team.” Al HurtadoHR Manager at Barnett Management Co. (Burger King Franchisee), 30+ Locations View Customer Story
"Whenever health inspectors visit, its very easy to show them food temp records for any period that they want." Kyra Santa AnaBusiness Development Manager, 15 locationsView Customer Story
“It’s a great selling feature. MeazureUp allows me to show potential franchisees what we do and how we do it.” Steven DeGeorgeFranchise Development at Billy Sims BBQ, 60+ Locations View Customer Story
“Before, it was a traditional spreadsheet with no follow up, and minimal comparison of performance. Now, it’s all at the click of a mouse. Statistics, comparisons are all there. There really is no comparison between paper and this.” Lada JohnDirector of Operations, 160+ locations View Customer Story
“If you’re introducing a new procedure, you have a custom checklist to support that. Or if you make a change to your opening, mid-day, or closing checklist, MeazureUp makes that very simple.”Kristen Driscoll VP of Operations at MOD Pizza, 500+ locations View Customer Story
“Even after conducting the first round of evaluations, we identified a big issue with our dough making process. We were able to modify this process to make it less time consuming and higher quality because of MeazureUp” Tetyana YermolayevaPerformance Consultant at Sarpino's Pizzeria, 70+ LocationsView Customer Story
“Coming from a system of spreadsheets, we can now track progress. As franchised stores transfer owners, we can understand where stores have improved and regressed, which helps us help our franchisees” Lauren JohnsonDirector of Field Operations, 175+ locations View Customer Story
“Centralization is the most helpful part. Everything is in one place. We can follow up with people much easier. When something is off, we can send it to the appropriate party to handle maintenance or repair.”Laurence McMulkinTraining and Development Manager at Healthy Planet, 25+ LocationsView Customer Story

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