Cannabis Dispensary Checklist

Mobile field audit solution maintains quality and consistency throughout store operations.

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Digital Shop Checklist Solution

A mobile field assessment app you can roll out to all store operations. Benefits include:

  • Ensuring every action is completed through customizable, real-time checklists
  • Reducing reporting errors by adding relevant photos and videos
  • Easily creating and assigning action plans with automatic notifications
  • Tracking the progress of each plan at a glance, wherever you are
  • Building standardized quality assessment templates
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“With an estimated reduction of 30% in overhead the real time tailored data dashboards, Meazureup is the key to support our accelerated growth plan while safeguarding our brand & ensuring replicability.”

– Fernando Palarea
Director of QA/R&D/Training at Campero International Corp.

Ensure Accountability Across Multiple Locations

Paper checklists and spreadsheets are outdated and inefficient. It’s time to:

  • Rethink time-consuming administrative tasks that use older/unreliable methods
  • Eliminate human error and establish objective accountability
  • Standardize reporting methods across all locations
  • Manage multiple updates and audits in real time, from anywhere
  • Open an analytical window into the strengths and deficiencies of each location
  • Immediately share full information throughout your operations
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“You can’t improve, what you don’t measure. That’s why MeazureUp is so important for us.”

– Bobby Brannon
Franchise District Director at Golden Chick

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Establish a “Culture of Consistency”

Dispensary operations are not only rigidly controlled by legal compliance and safety regulations; your scope of responsibilities also includes branding standards and employee training. And it all takes place in a highly competitive industry that places a heavy premium on truly superlative customer service.

MeazureUp’s digital checklist solution for cannabis dispensaries can ensure the right actions are being taken on time, every time, by every employee.

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Always Know How Your Shops Are Performing

Quickly send key performance and operational data upstream via your mobile device. Set benchmarks, adjust and enhance processes to ensure success, and recognize previously hidden opportunities.

No more worrying about operational logistics or compliance efforts going bad. Free up time to focus on your employees and on providing top-quality products and services.

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