Digital Checklists for Grocery Stores

Attract customers with consistent excellent service while keeping costs down. 

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Just some of the thousands of locations we serve: 

Checklist Solution for Grocery Stores

A mobile digital checklist you can put in every employee’s hands.  

  • Track daily task completion in real-time.
  • Easily customize task lists to deploy new procedures quickly. 
  • Ensure consistent processes and accountability from everyone. 
  • Improve performance with corrective action for managers. 
  • Lower costs with fewer mistakes and less incident resolution time.
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“When you have a tool like this that helps build consistency across the chain with a reporting mechanism built into the process, it just makes the whole process more consistent and easier to execute.”

– Patrick Iannotti
Director of Retail Operations, Price Chopper

Ensure Excellence and Quality at Every Store

  • Connect with wireless sensors that track safe food temperatures. 
  • Get more from training with checklists that reinforce essential practices. 
  • Reduce the costs of miscommunication between team members. 
  • Minimize inventory loss with increased accountability. 
  • Analyze store data to uncover inefficiencies and improve store operations.
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The compliance of people looking into correcting their mistakes is helping train more effectively as everyone knows what to look for and what issues their stores may have.

– Laurence McMulkin
Training and Development Manager, Healthy Planet

Protect Margin in a Challenging Market

In the face of market challenges, grocery stores have to keep customers loyal and prices low. To do that with today’s smaller teams, stores must increase efficiency and reduce costs. 

Rely on MeazureUp’s digital store checklist to ensure everyone is completing the right tasks. Employees are accountable for their work and every store maintains consistent quality and safety. Managers spot and solve problems fast, reducing expensive mistakes and rework.

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Compile Rich Performance Data With Your Smart Phone

Ensure compliance to health and safety regulations, brand values, and loss minimization – even if you’re not onsite. 

Instantly upload data to the cloud for reports spanning all locations and easy access for any team member. 

Catch developing problems before they cause trouble or review data trends to increase the efficiency of labor-intensive services like online shopping, pick-up, and delivery. 

Use individual checklist results and action plans to help employees improve, learn new skills, and innovate new services.  

Spend less time worrying about compliance and more time improving operations, lowering costs, and growing the business.

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