Barnett Management Co.
  • Improved employee coaching
  • More engagement amongst staff
  • Improved COVID Health & Safety Protocol

During covid, there are so many barriers put up – both physical ones and operational ones. Physically, PPE is now a component of every restaurants’ safety protocol and operationally, turnover is up while engagement is down, making it difficult to create a flourishing environment, let alone a profitable one. 

In hopes of mitigating some of these operational issues, Barnett Management Company, a Burger King Franchisee, was looking for a way to close the gap between in store employees and the district managers that evaluate them. Furthermore, Barnett was looking to improve their Restaurant Excellence Visit (REV) scores – a site check periodically done by Burger King Corporate. In partnering with MeazureUp, HR Manager Al Hurtado found that employee morale was up immediately and REV scores followed soon after:  “MeazureUp screams engagement and routines. It’s not just another way to access performance, it’s a way to coach your team.”

Learn more about how a digital site visit tool helps with operational routine and employee consistency by taking a short demo or by watching our recent webinar