Billy Sims BBQ
  • Improved franchisee management & development
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Streamlined franchise development

For many restaurant chains, franchising is the name of the game. Traditionally, one would think growth stems solely on the food served and the experience created but for Billy Sims BBQ, growth is fueled through a scalable system that allows Billy Sims to set their franchisees up for success.

This is easier said than done – it’s not a given that a franchisee will buy-in to all of corporate policy and even worse, they may make changes without franchisor consent. That’s why MeazureUp has been key in Billy Sims’ franchising process. Steven DeGeorge, director of franchise development, utilizes MeazureUp’s AuditApp ensure franchised stores are running like their corporate counterparts. The franchise development process is further streamlined by simplifying operations for any new franchisees: “It’s a great selling feature for prospective franchisees. MeazureUp allows me to show them what we do and exactly how we do it.” 

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