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Some of our Partners


Employee Scheduling App

7shifts is the leading employee scheduling and workforce management platform, trusted by over 250,000 restaurant pros around the world. Designed to help restaurants save time on scheduling, reduce labor costs, and streamline team communication, 7shifts works with MeazureUp to help multi-unit operators track their performance and streamline operations. Get started for free at


KOHO Instant Pay is a free payroll benefit that enables Restaurant, Retail, and Hospitality employers to offer on-demand pay to their staff. Employees no longer need to wait for their paycheque every two weeks, they can now immediately access a portion of their hard-earned wages at the end of each working day. The best part about it? It requires no change to your current payroll process. Instant Pay is designed to help employers differentiate themselves in the market, attract and retain top talent, reduce turnover, and most importantly, improve employee wellness. Make everyday payday by clicking here.


ThermoWorks is a leading temperature reading hardware provider located just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. ThermoWorks has decades of experience in the temperature measurement and instrumentation industries and are seasoned in the development and instruction of measurement courses, publications, and the design of some of the world’s leading temperature calibration standards. To learn more about ThermoWorks and their various products, check them out by clicking here.

Strategic Branded Marketplace

Branded Strategic Hospitality created a Marketplace to be an ally to hospitality owners and operators because Branded is first and foremost, a hospitality owner & operator. Allocating time and attention to searching and delicensing solutions for their most pressing needs, challenges and opportunities is incredibly difficult and time consuming. The Marketplace was built to be for the industry by professionals from the industry as a bridge between owners & operators and the service providers working to support the industry. Check out the Marketplace by clicking here.

Goliath Consulting Group

Consulting Company

The Goliath team is a group of restaurant professionals with a wide spectrum of experience. Our areas of expertise include: strategic planning, marketing, menu development, operations, training, supply chain management, franchising and business development. The Goliath team is equipped and ready to help you achieve your business goals and vision. We have alliances with companies that complement our core strengths and are the best at what they do. We stay up to date on current trends and continually look at improving our process through a wide range of resources.


Technology Company

Givex offers omnichannel POS, gift card, loyalty and stored value ticketing solutions which drive sales for our clients, help them better understand, reward and entice their customers and ultimately make better-informed business decisions. With over 16 billion transactions worldwide and counting, our goal is to empower our merchants with knowledge and knowhow by delivering high quality customer engagement solutions on time. Whether it’s 24/7 support or hassle-free upgrades, our clients know that they can count on us to provide everything necessary for their success.


Consulting Company

SIB is a cost reduction consulting firm with a proven track record of saving money for companies in a variety of industries. Through expert analysis, SIB will discover if businesses are overpaying on their monthly bills. SIB has a 98% success rate when it comes to finding savings for their clients. Once savings are found and implemented, SIB shares in those savings with the client. The result is a win-win situation – no budgeting is needed, there are no up-front costs, and a fee is only due if savings are found. In other words, an SIB review always pays for itself.


Technology Company

PrepWizard was created in 2018 to fill the gap we recognized at the store level with restaurant food prep labeling. This greatly helps restaurant operators reduce costs of up to $3000 per store by eliminating handwriting labels. Thousands of restaurants from hundreds of independents and most of the national brands have launched PrepWizard in their restaurants including Burger King, Long John Silvers and Subway. To learn more about PrepWizard, click here.


Since inception in 2012, Lightspeed has fueled the businesses that are the backbone of the global economy through their one-stop commerce platform, which transforms and unifies digital and physical operations by enabling multichannel sales, expansion to new locations, global payments, financial solutions and connection to supplier networks. With the Lightspeed commerce platform, merchants in retail and hospitality can build thriving businesses for the future. Check it out and try for free by clicking here.


A pioneer with respect to the Internet of Things, blueRover is engineering unique and customized business solutions, by combining sensor technology, data intelligence, and automated processes, within a secure, scalable, and open architecture platform. BlueRover enables data to be collected in an infinite stream from your business environments, and processed, presented and reported to you within a scalable, internet based platform. Check out their site by clicking here.


Cooper-Atkins is a leading manufacturer of environmental and innovative food safety solutions, we have a global reach and are a trusted resource for reliable, high-quality instruments and expert advice. They consistently meet the needs of their customers by remaining focused on the education and promotion of important industry issues, and providing the highest level of exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Check out Cooper-Atkins and their offerings by clicking here.

Shamrock Foods Company

Consulting Company

Founded in 1922 and still family-owned, Shamrock Foods Company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of quality food and food-related products. The company has become a symbol of integrity in households and businesses. Shamrock continues serving customers through a family of companies, including Shamrock Farms, the largest dairy in the Southwest, and Shamrock Foods, the seventh-largest U.S. foodservice distributor.

ERC Consulting

Consulting Company

ERC comprises a team of seasoned experts and restaurant managers representing every facet of the restaurant industry from financial and development to operations and management. From creating and implementing restaurant business plans to designing innovative concepts and menus, we have the restaurant industry knowledge, and have successfully supported independent and franchise businesses. We help you streamline operating costs through product sourcing and handling recommendations, as well as technological solutions to help cut labor costs. We analyze your business, determine problem areas, produce solutions and make suggestions for improvement.

Break Bread Consulting

Consulting Company

Break Bread Consulting was founded in 2014 by industry lifer Brianne Lane. With the restaurant industry finally catching up with modern technology trends a new problem arose. So many new options flooding the restaurant market on a daily basis make it incredibly difficult for restaurant owners to sort through the various point of sale systems, analytic tools, etc and find the best option for their concept. Break Bread acts as your dedicated IT Specialist. We research products, attend demos, obtain price quotes and even negotiate with software companies to ensure you’re getting the best possible price.

Salt Hospitality

Consulting Company

We provide consulting services to help create, manage or revitalise food & beverage, lodging and retail businesses in South Africa and abroad. With global experience and a stellar network, we are well equipped and provide objective and knowledgeable advice and guidance. Our outcomes based, vested business model means working alongside you as a business partner with a profound interest in your success.

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