MeazureUp’s Digital Checklists for Retail Stores Build Consistency

Create a consistent experience for your customers in every store

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Just some of the thousands of locations we serve: 

Audit Multiple Stores from Your Mobile

Quickly deploy a mobile field assessment across all store operations. Benefits include:

  • Customize and configure multiple checklists for your stores’ specific needs
  • Build standardized quality assessment templates
  • Create action plans & assign responsibilities to managers
  • Track the progress of each plan in real time
  • Store photos related to operations to ensure accountability while reducing reporting errors
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“Very easy to use on either iPhone or iPad… I can do everything from my phone without have to carry a laptop with me from store to store.”

– Mark Sebastian K
Construction Coordinator, Kernels Popocorn

Maintain the Highest Quality Across All Your Locations

  • Access information and file store reports on the go
  • Reinforce training, processes and comprehension of your employees
  • Maintain brand standards and verify loss minimization controls
  • Complete comparative analyses over time and across locations
  • Set benchmarks and evaluate opportunities for improvement
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“Software is easy to use but what we really like is how flexible MeazureUp was when it came to making changes to our current compliance checks.”

– Steven DeGeorge
Director of Franchise Development at Billy Sims BBQ

Create a Culture of Consistency

Customers expect their store experiences to be consistent not just within each store, but across the brand and over time.

With MeazureUp’s digital retail store checklists, you can gather consistent feedback across your portfolio, add accountability to your operational processes and foster a consistent experience across all locations. Ensure that all your employees are taking the right actions every time.

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Digital Auditing That’s Quick and Convenient

No management team wants to worry about staff compliance to regulatory guidelines – let alone standards for branding, marketing and shrink control. Roll up reports across all locations via a cloud-based system to share operational performance across your organization.

Identify issues in real time to speed up the decision-making process and uncover hidden opportunities. Evaluate the performance of your employees and implement strategies for greater success.

Eliminate antiquated and manual audit procedures which allows you to spend more quality time with your employees.

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