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Replace paper checklists with a robust digital checklist solution to keep your gyms safe, clean and compliant.

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Just some of the thousands of locations we serve: 

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How to Keep All Your Gyms Squeaky Clean (All the Time)

The MeazureUp mobile gym assessment app works for fitness centers of all sizes, whether it’s 10 or 1,000 locations. You can:

  • Customize and configure gym cleanliness procedures with ease 
  • Create action plans & assign responsibilities to gym managers or owners 
  • Track the progress of each plan in real time 
  • Build quality assessment templates to use across all gyms 
  • Take and store photos related to operations to ensure accountability while reducing reporting errors 
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“We needed a better organizational system and structure to make sure that our studios were operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. MeazureUp is helping us keep things from falling through the cracks.”

– Lisa Mikelson
A co-founder and vice president of GritCycle

How to Hold Gym Staff Accountable Across All Locations

Ditch your clipboard and pull out your smart phone to:

  • Know what’s getting cleaned regularly and what’s not   
  • Reduce human error while keeping everyone accountable 
  • Rollout consistent standard operating procedures (SOPs) and reports 
  • Manage multiple updates and audits in real time 
  • Know what’s happening at every location with a few clicks 
  • Quickly share important info with management across all operations 
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“You can’t improve, what you don’t measure. That’s why MeazureUp is so important for us.”

– Bobby Brannon
Franchise District Director at Golden Chick

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Make Every Center a Consistent Experience 

When managing multiple fitness centers, you wear many hats. From branding, to consistency, to training, plus you’re legally required to ensure the safety and health of your staff and customers at all times

MeazureUp’s digital checklist solution for gyms helps you foster a consistent and safe environment across all locations, every time. 

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Know How All Your Gyms Are Performing – In Real Time

Send key performance and operation data upstream via your mobile device. Set benchmarks, adjust and enhance processes to ensure success, and recognize previously hidden opportunities. 

No more worrying about operational logistics going bad. Free up time to focus on your employees and on the quality of your products and services.

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