Bahama Bucks
  • Simplified Data Aggregation
  • Streamlined Site Visits
  • Improved Brand Consistency

What started as a college student looking for a way to make money over the summer turned into the thriving chain Bahama Bucks. Centered in Lubbock, Blake Buchanon started this business with one ice shaving machine but through a successful franchise model, Blake and his team have grown to over 100 locations in more than 10 states.

With accelerated growth comes lofty goals, and for Cierra Miller, one of Bahama Bucks shop performance managers, that goal was 100% store compliance to corporate operational procedures. This is almost impossible for a single manager like Cierra. Sopending more than 50% of her time on the road, she knew she needed a tool that could  take some of the manual work out of her current process. And when she found MeazureUp, it was a no brainer:  “It was the simplicity of the process that made everyone’s life so much easier. I used to have to get back to the office, type up an evaluation, send it to our franchisees and hope they opened it. Now I don’t have to do anything on my end but go through a digital checklist, make notes, and it is automatically sent to them.”

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