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Stay ready for your food & safety inspections. Temp logs can be printed for an inspector with a few clicks.

Maximum Simplicity

Easy to use mobile app is just even more simple than using a paper system.


Only pay for what you need – site visits and/or daily checklists & label printing.

Why are you looking for a digital thermometer?

HACCP Line Checks

Measure Max
Dishware temp


Our Digital Thermometer Integration Partners

ThermoWorks is a leading temperature reading hardware provider located just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. ThermoWorks has decades of experience in the temperature measurement and instrumentation industries and are seasoned in the development and instruction of measurement courses, publications, and the design of some of the world’s leading temperature calibration standards. To learn more about ThermoWorks and their various products, check them out by clicking here. View Integrations Details

for HAACP Line Checks

  • Temp Test 2 Blue

  • TempTest Blue

  • Ray Temp Blue

for Measuring Max Dishwasher Temp

  • DishTemp Blue

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A pioneer with respect to the Internet of Things, blueRover is engineering unique and customized business solutions, by combining sensor technology, data intelligence, and automated processes, within a secure, scalable, and open architecture platform. BlueRover enables data to be collected in an infinite stream from your business environments, and processed, presented and reported to you within a scalable, internet based platform. Check out their site by clicking here. View Integrations Details
  • Automated Temp Monitoring

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Cooper-Atkins is a leading manufacturer of environmental and innovative food safety solutions, we have a global reach and are a trusted resource for reliable, high-quality instruments and expert advice. They consistently meet the needs of their customers by remaining focused on the education and promotion of important industry issues, and providing the highest level of exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Check out Cooper-Atkins and their offerings by clicking here. View Integrations Details
  • Blue2

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