Sarpinos Pizzeria
  • Finding core operational problems
  • Time saved through revamped processes
  • Reduced costs through error correction

After opening their first location in Canada in 2001, Sarpinos Pizzeria was able to grow to over 70 stores pretty quickly through investing in their franchisee infrastructure. This means providing franchisees with everything they need to succeed, from marketing to standardized operations to cost controls to training. 

Once Sarpino found the right formula, it was about repetition of consistent processes in order to scale. This led Sarpinos to partner with MeazureUp in hopes of reinforcing their current processes while continually improving them and according to performance consultant Tetyana Yermolayeva, this was achieved: “Even after conducting the first round of evaluations, we identified a big issue with our dough making process. We were able to modify this process to make it less time consuming and higher quality.”

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