How an Analytics Dashboard Provides Insights into Your Stores

By December 22, 2021 All, Blog
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Business owners understand that data that represents daily activity, sales, and expenses can be harnessed to help you grow revenue, increase margin, and minimize costs. Yet, it is not always easy to translate receipts, ledgers, audit forms, and checklists into meaningful performance indicators. That is where analytics dashboards help. It translates impenetrable walls of numbers into a picture that’s worth a thousand data points.

Turn Data into a Valuable Asset

According to recent research, 45% of small businesses use data analytics, which converts collected information, such as performance checklist results, into trends and patterns. Then it presents those trends in a dashboard where your data comes alive in easily readable and customizable graphs and charts.

Bar charts show your performance over time for any metric you want to track, such as safety compliance, brand standards, customer service, or product quality. Line graphs show up and down trends, and visual rankings compare stores to each other. You can quickly slice and dice the information by location, region, employee, and date range. The dashboard takes a few seconds to render clear, actionable insights. And you can use those to grow the business.

Improve Customer Service

Every customer you attract and keep directly improves profits. And customers will go out of their way for a better experience. Audits and checklists can measure how well each store adheres to service standards. And a dashboard compiles the information into a clear picture. You can see where the team excels at service and where they need work.

You can also introduce improved customer experience standards and track how well employees follow them. Because the dashboard presents the information in graphical format and you select date ranges and locations, you can correlate revenue, customer visits, purchase size, and profits with audit and checklist results. These trends highlight the experiences customers prefer and show you where to focus improvement efforts.

Share the Big Picture

The more information your team has, the better decisions they can make. As you collect information about employee performance and compliance, the dashboard presents it to your management and field teams over any mobile device or computer. They always know how the whole company is doing, and if there’s an issue to address, they have the data to act immediately.

Owners and regional managers can follow performance and support individual locations as needed, even if they can’t visit every store every day. Problems don’t have time to damage your business when everyone knows where they stand and what to do about it.

Lower Employee Turnover

In these days of high competition for labor, you can’t afford to lose people you’ve invested in and spend time hunting for replacements. A dashboard shows you instantly where workers are struggling, either at individual locations or across the board. You can determine what’s causing the issue and address it with more training, better coaching, improved processes, or changes to the work environment.

The dashboard helps improve ongoing training as well, which lowers turnover by demonstrating your investment in employees and their success. The graphs and charts highlight operational tasks that challenge people the most. Revise learning modules to emphasize those areas or create refresher courses to shore up knowledge retention. With effective training, you’ll retain good people, save hiring and onboarding costs, and keep stores operating smoothly.

Cut Waste

Most stores have programs to safeguard inventory and prevent loss. But without some data analytics, it’s hard to know how well those programs are working. If loss is higher than you’d like, is it because people aren’t following protocols or because operating procedures aren’t covering all vulnerable areas? With dashboard summaries of loss prevention compliance, you can review each location’s score and determine where the issues are. Some stores may need different approaches. Or some teams may need reminders.

The checklist completion data in your dashboard also highlights inefficient procedures, which waste labor time and costs. When tasks take too long or squeeze out other work, you might need to streamline a process. The charts show you exactly where to focus attention, and you can compare trends over time to measure improvements.

Nurture Star Employees

Your great people are one of the biggest reasons customers come back over and over. Not every employee is a stand-out performer, but you want to find the ones that are and develop them into leaders. With a dashboard, you can review each worker’s performance and figure out where they shine. Create and assign training paths to help promising team members advance their skills and take on more responsibility. More capable people give you the freedom to spend time growing the business. And when employees have a path to advancement, they’re more loyal and satisfied.

Monitor Equipment Performance

If your checklist and audit apps collect data from equipment, such as refrigerators or freezers, you can monitor their operation over time. Aging appliances will start to show problems, and as the frequency and severity of the issues grow, you’ll know it’s time to replace or repair them before they cause an emergency.

Support the Next Grand Opening

When your business is running strong, you want to expand. But new locations sometimes falter with inexperienced employees and established competitors nearby. Your checklist apps help beginner teams learn the ropes, and the dashboard illustrates how their performance compares to older stores. The dashboard also draws your attention to any areas of compliance, brand standards, or customer service that need work so you can set the team right before the new store has lost its chance to make a good first impression on the local market.

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