The Must-Haves of Restaurant Kitchen Checklists

Providing everything you need to standardize your restaurant checklists and establish the highest levels of customer safety and legal compliance.

Why use restaurant checklists?

Restaurant checklists are designed to protect public health and safety by ensuring restaurants diligently document every safeguard that protects their patrons. These checklists include temperature logs, line checks, restaurant and kitchen-specific cleaning procedures, and other safety checks as mandated by governmental regulations. This makes restaurant checklists an important part of documenting compliance.

What a Great Checklist Gives You 

Top-of-the-line restaurant checklists support all the right actions being taken on time, every time, in every location by quickly and easily eliminating human errors and establishing accountability throughout your organization.

Curbs Pencil Whipping 

Checklists are completed digitally on site and on schedule, with updates immediately available.

Builds Accountability

Entries are easily saved with pertinent details and shared across a checklist app

Corrects Failures 

Action plans are built and monitored through completion on a mobile checklist app

Real-Time Data

Apps make it easy to see the current status of every checklist and action plan in every location

From Bad to Great: Examples of Restaurant Checklists

Although they are indisputably key to your business’ current and future success – as well as all efforts to establish compliance – not all restaurant checklists are created equal. The paper-and-clipboard format that’s been used for generations for restaurant cleaning checklists and kitchen cleaning checklists is now outdated at best. At worst, it’s an invitation to falsification (and potential legal action).

Bad Checklists: What to Watch Out For

Just because a paper checklist meets the bare minimum requirements for health and safety compliance doesn’t make it the most effective tool to protect your business. An ineffective checklist…

  • Exists on one piece of paper in one place within any of your locations
  • Doesn’t capture all essential information for establishing safety and compliance
  • Is not consistent with checklists used in your other locations

Better Checklists: The Most Sophisticated Paper Checklists

It is possible for a paper checklist to do a better job recording full information on health and safety compliance, if it…

  • Is standardized for consistent use within and between your locations
  • Captures all information needed to establish compliance and customer safety
  • Is filled out carefully, accurately and according to an established schedule

Great Checklists: What Business Leaders Choose

For a checklist to be truly great, however, it must evolve into the digital environment, where it becomes quick and easy to use for everyone involved. Only when a checklist is digital and mobile can it be…

  • Filled out entirely online with official time stamps, signatures, geolocation, photos and videos
  • Standardized and easily available to all employees at any time via mobile device
  • Instantly analyzable by location or across locations to recognize trends and potential failures

Printable Restaurant Checklists

In pursuit of better restaurant checklists for all, MeazureUp offers several free standardized, printable checklist formats, including the following:

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist 

Ensure your entire restaurant stays clean while following the latest safety protocols.


Restaurant Kitchen Temperature Log

Ensure your kitchen staff logs the temperature of food and equipment throughout the day.

am pm restaurant checklist for kitchen

AM/PM Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Ensure your staff is taking the necessary steps at both the beginning and end of the day to create a safe, clean environment.


Store Reopening Checklist

Ensure your store is as safe as possible for customers and employees by providing checks for each employee in addition to health and safety procedures.


Want to Equip Your Restaurant with all Checklists?

Future Proof Your Restaurants by Going Digital

Using a digital checklist solution like MeazureUp streamlines your company’s operations, establishes accountability, and ensures consistency across all shifts and all locations. This means it provides peace of mind throughout your organization and ensures the safe, high-quality product that builds trust with your customers.

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