Mobile Audit Checklist

Know how each location is performing in real time & improve performance.


Build customizable quality assessment templates

Create fully configurable assessments based on location type, frequency of evaluations and role of employees.

Quickly update and deploy any assessment

With a simple click, send assessments to all auditors within your organization

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MeazureUp uses both GPS location tracking and time-stamping, so you can monitor your field manager’s performance.

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Simply document any tasks

The intuitive tablet solution allows any user to document various results, from clicking yes or no, to recording food temperatures and service times.

Upload pictures and comments

Seeing is believing. To document the good or the bad, have your field managers attach a picture or comment that can be stored and reviewed.

Instantly create action and deploy report

Record critical issues, along with a plan on how to fix them, who’s responsible and the due date for completion.

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Real time reports

Instantly get access to real time enterprise-wide analytics that can help monitor your business to ensure its running well and take immediate action for when it’s not.

Dynamic Dashboards

No more wasting time trying to find the information you need. The MeazureUp’s dashboard gives you an instant and clear picture, with the ability to easily find the specific data you require.

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Corrective Action

Effectively revamp your operations

Based on evaluating all the information across an organization,
management is able to adjust and enhance operational processes to ensure success.

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