Digital Hotel Checklists for Housekeeping & More

Create a consistent experience for your guests on every visit.

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Hotel Housekeeping Checklist Solution

A mobile field assessment app you can roll out to all housekeeping operations. Benefits include:

  • Customize and configure housekeeping checklists with ease
  • Build standardized quality assessment templates
  • Create action plans & assign responsibilities to managers
  • Track the progress of each plan in real time
  • Store photos related to operations to ensure accountability while reducing reporting errors
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“Automated and well-connected. MeazureUp is a great platform connecting our auditors and owners and provides a great tool for consistency and auditing.”

– Andrew Infentino
Marketing Director, Copper Branch

Maintain the Highest Quality Across All Your Locations

  • Save countless hours of labor spent on older/unreliable methods
  • Reinforce training, processes and comprehension of your employees
  • Identify threats to your brand
  • Complete comparative analyses over time and across locations
  • Use analytics to identify and evaluate opportunities for improvement
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“With an estimated reduction of 30% in overhead the real time tailored data dashboards, Meazureup is the key to support our accelerated growth plan while safeguarding our brand & ensuring replicability.”

– Fernando Palarea
Director of QA/R&D/Training at Campero International Corp.

Deploy a “Culture of Consistency”

Today’s hotel guests have high standards and expect a consistent experience when staying at your hotel. With MeazureUp’s digital hotel checklists, you can foster a culture of consistency across multiple locations and bring sustainability and accountability to all your operational processes. MeazureUp’s solution for hotel housekeeping can ensure the right actions are being taken on time, every time.

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Create a Five-Star Auditing Experience

With MeazureUp, you can structure your entire auditing process so it prioritizes customer satisfaction and customer service with each action and location. Use MeazureUp’s customizable solution to roll up reports across multiple locations via a cloud-based system, which immediately shares information throughout your operations. Identify issues in real time, before they become serious, or recognize previously hidden opportunities. Evaluate the performance of your employees and implement strategies for greater success.

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