Salt Hospitality Consultants and MeazureUp Announce Partnership

By MeazureUp September 20, 2018 Press Release

Salt Hospitality Consultants (Salt HC), a South African based hospitality and retail consultancy has entered into a partnership with MeazureUp, a leading global cloud-based digital solution provider based in Canada to bring the Field Audit program, to more customers in more countries. With both organizations offering complementary services to the hospitality and retail sectors, the deal makes sound business sense. This mutually beneficial partnership will draw on the respective specialties of each of the companies, supporting their collective growth strategies within the African market.

Salt HC provides a range of professional consulting services that assist in creating, managing and revitalizing hospitality and retail businesses in South Africa and abroad. The company capitalizes on the breadth and depth of its experience to deliver professional insight and a wide range of solutions to their clients that streamline, advance and improve their business strategies and operations.

MeazureUp reduces operating costs and delivers consistency and efficiency through their mobile-based field audit application, improving the monitoring and standardization of operations for multi-unit hospitality and retail businesses. The audit data is delivered in real-time reports to the people who need to see it via a cloud based customizable back office dashboard incorporating commenting, instant photo attachment, task setting and follow through functions.

Warren Schmidt, co-founder and managing partner at Salt HC, speaking of the partnership, says, “We are excited to introduce MeazureUp to the South African and African markets. The partnership will help African businesses streamline their field audit processes through digitization resulting in increased productivity from operations teams, better insights into issues, faster issue resolution and improved training programs”. He adds, “This partnership was a great step for us, we see the massive value that the software offers businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors and proudly add the software to the range of solutions we offer”.

Stephen Gersowsky, co-founder and managing partner of Salt HC, adds, “MeazureUp’s software solution and expertise in hospitality and retail based operations will help us to grow our customer base. This partnership opens new opportunities for us and is a fantastic tool for customers to improve their field audit processes with, which are currently largely conducted manually on clipboards and re-typed into spreadsheets at great cost in time and effort. Salt HC additionally is given the opportunity to offer complementary professional food safety and customer insight auditing services layered onto the MeazureUp software platform”.

Both companies see their strong partnership delivering a world class solution to African hospitality and retail businesses seeking to improve on delivering consistent high service and product standards to their guests and clients.

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About Salt Hospitality

Salt Hospitality Consultants is a South African based hospitality and retail business consultancy. The company capitalizes on their extensive experience and adopts a best practices method to help create, manage or revitalize food & beverage, lodging and retail businesses in South Africa and abroad. The company provides objective and knowledgeable advice and guidance to their customers in creating new concepts, developing brands, providing market research and procurement services and also assisting in structuring and fulfilling funding and investment requirements. They also specialize in providing food safety services and retail property advisory services through a network of aligned partners. They now include field audit software implementation and support services through their recent partnership with MeazureUp. For more information visit


About Meazureup

MeazureUp is a cloud-based software company assisting over 90 brands and thousands of locations manage their operational consistency. Using the MeazureUp solution, organizations can gather internal information with detailed analytics and operational intelligence using a digital platform. With users across North America currently on board, MeazureUp can help management and district managers focus on their core concern, growing their business. For more information, visit the or contact with any questions.