MeazureUp Digital Audit Checklist App to be Used by Snarf’s Sandwiches

By October 18, 2018 Press Release

Today, MeazureUp welcomes Colorado based Snarf’s Sandwiches, as their newest partner. The well-known family owned business chain, spread across four states and 26 locations, is the latest addition to MeazureUp’s list of multi-unit chains utilizing a digital audit checklist app for operations. With this deal, Snarf’s Sandwiches will join the journey to optimize brand consistency through MeazureUp’s digital field audit solution.

Snarf’s has been a local favorite for over twenty years, best known for their fresh, made-to-order, award-winning Sandwiches, along with their Salads and Desserts. Starting as a single outlet in Boulder, Colorado, the company has kept growing over the years. Brittany Lirtzman, V.P., Corporate Support, said that the company “recognizes the benefit of establishing secure infrastructure as a foundation for organizational growth and has partnered with MeazureUp to help them achieve just that”.

Snarf’s is on expansionist drive with three outlets in the pipeline this year in Colorado alone, and more to follow. A digital field assessment solution “will help us not only maintain the consistency we are known for, but also make it easy to monitor and create action plans that can be followed up in real time”. Brittany added, “The accurate measurements that this digital solution provides requires minimal effort, which is truly fantastic.” This allows her to concentrate on other aspects of employee support and restaurant operations.

The MeazureUp digital solution provides real-time data analytics on an easy to use, single platform. Lirtzman commented, “MeazureUp makes the whole process of restaurant operations very smooth and transparent, saving a lot of time in the process”. She added, “the assessment data compiled on a single platform gives us an opportunity to identify trends at a glance and will allow us to take corrective actions immediately”. The MeazureUp app provides a snapshot of the trends in all measurable variables using their digital audit checklist app.

Lirtzman was positive that a digital solution is the way forward, specifically for multi-unit chains. She said, “especially when you have so many stores, the features that MeazureUp offers makes it simple and easy to coordinate and maintain operational consistency, throughout, which is very important for a chain to maintain its brand reputation”.

MeazureUp understands the importance of organizational consistency and will ensure that the originality of Snarf’s Sandwiches is maintained and their standards met. With live photos, annotated comments, action plans and live temperature readings available in the digital audit checklist app, uniformity can be monitored from any mobile device. Once an assessment is completed, a summary is automatically emailed to any relevant stakeholders. The data and analytics are available on an easy to use, cloud based platform which authorized users can access. Now, management can analyze aggregated data on MeazureUp’s Business Intelligence Center and use extensive analytics to make smart, data driven operational decisions.

MeazureUp is looking forward to working with the Snarf’s Sandwiches team!

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About Snarf’s Sandwiches:

Snarf’s sandwiches started as a single outlet, in Boulder, Colorado, in 1996 when ‘Snarf’ Jimmy Seidel, decided that the best way to find a good sandwich was to make his own. 22 years later, with over 26 outlets, 18 in Colorado alone, 4 in Missouri and two each in Illinois and Texas, Snarf’s, is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to sandwiches. The freshly baked bread, delicious and innovative award-winning, made to order sandwiches, along with salads and desserts has made Snarf’s as popular as it is. With creative decors, Snarf’s management strives to create an atmosphere that includes the local community they operate in.

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About MeazureUp

MeazureUp is a cloud-based software company assisting over 90 brands and thousands of locations manage their operational consistency using a digital audit checklist app. Using the MeazureUp solution, organizations can gather internal information with detailed analytics and operational intelligence using a digital platform. With users across North America currently on board, MeazureUp can help management and district managers focus on their core concern, growing their business. For more information, visit the or contact 1-855-MEAZURE (632-9873) with any questions.