Establish Accountability with Digital Compliance Checklists

Lighten the burden of ensuring compliance via paper checklists, messy log books and field audits by digitizing all of your custom checklists.

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Ensure Compliance Across Multiple Locations

Paper checklists and spreadsheets are outdated and not efficient. It’s time to:

  • Rethink time-consuming administrative tasks that use older/unreliable methods
  • Eliminate human error and establish accountability
  • Standardize reporting methods
  • Manage multiple updates and audits in real time
  • Open an analytical window into each location
  • Immediately share information throughout your operations
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“Automated and well-connected. MeazureUp is a great platform connecting our auditors and owners and provides a great tool for consistency and auditing.”

– Andrew Infentino
Marketing Director, Copper Branch

Assess and Audit Straight From Your Smart Phone

No management team wants to worry about staff compliance to health and safety regulations – let alone standards for branding, marketing and loss minimization.

Roll up reports across multiple locations via a cloud-based system, which immediately shares information throughout your operations.

Identify issues in real time, before they become serious, or recognize previously hidden opportunities.

Evaluate the performance of your employees and implement strategies for greater success. Gain peace of mind and worry less about staff properly adhering to safety and compliance during every shift and every location.

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“The interface and the ability to modify the structure to meet our needs is invaluable. The action list generation and the ability to monitor completion of items puts responsibility back on store management, but also keeps us continuously in the loop on the completion of critical items.”

– Eddie Owens
Franchisee Coach/Compliance Officer at Billy Sims BBQ

Just some of the thousands of locations we serve: 

Field Inspection Forms
Field Inspection Forms

Maintain and Monitor Quality Across All Your Locations

  • Reinforce training, processes and comprehension of your employees
  • Maintain brand standards and verify loss minimization controls
  • Complete comparative analyses over time and across locations
  • Use analytics to set benchmarks and evaluate opportunities for improvement
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Maximize Results From Minimal Staff

Customers expect their in-store experiences to be quick, consistent and, above all, safe. However, this experience depends on the successful efforts of small teams of employees.

With MeazureUp’s digital store checklists, you can bring sustainability and accountability to your operational processes and foster a culture of consistency across multiple locations. Ensure that employees are taking the right actions on time, every time.

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