What’s New at Meazureup?

By August 16, 2022 Blog
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At MeazureUp, everything we do is about helping businesses create customer loyalty by building brand consistency. Head of Growth Jason Benchetrit says, “We know that outliers are obstacles to that process, so we help companies uncover differences in processes and the quality of service between locations, then act on it as quickly as possible.”

Our development team is in regular contact with our customers, asking what’s working for them and looking for ways that we can improve our products. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve incorporated that feedback and used it to launch several new features.

Video Comments

You’re surely familiar with the old saying, “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” At MeazureUp, we are, too. Like you, we know that consistency is key to repeat business. Differences in experience are obstacles to customer loyalty. You’ve got to ensure that the brand standards that you worked so hard to define are being met system wide. Every person who enters one of your locations must be confident that their experience will be the same no matter which of your sites they’ve chosen.

For years, MeazureUp users have been making that happen with our integrated photo capability. Those photos help managers document issues, bring them to light, and use them to help ensure that brand standards are met across locations. They’re useful, but not without limitations. Depending on the situation, a photo alone might not be enough. Managers need to take time to mark it up, add notes, and type paragraphs of feedback and instructions for correction. Often, that time would be better allocated to more pressing responsibilities.

If a picture is worth a thousand words how much more would a video be worth to your company? You’ll find out with our new video comment capability. Now, for the first time, you can record a 30-second video and attach it to an audit report, showing staff members up and down the chain of command exactly what the problem is and what needs to be done to correct it.

Customizable Holiday Hours

No two days are the same for companies operating in the service industry. This is especially true of holidays. While a restaurant might be closed, a movie theater may be hustling staff through one of the busiest days of their year. Your MeazureUp apps are now better and more conveniently able to support those schedule changes than ever before. All you have to do is register the deviation in your dashboard and make changes to your daily checklist.

The process has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. No special training or high-level tech skills are required. Making changes is simple and easy for any manager to do. Mark your business as closed and inconvenient failed daily task notices will no longer appear in the app. Add extra cleanings on busy days like Christmas or special event dates so that employees can keep up with increased expectations. Say goodbye to removing unnecessary inaccurate reports or interruptions by erroneous pings while you’re enjoying some time off.

Extended Commenting Window

We know that audits are reviewed by numerous stakeholders and reports make their way up and down your internal hierarchy as auditors share information with managers and feedback with staff. Reports have to be built for smooth flow and ease of use. That process has now been improved.

In past MeazureUp app versions, comments could only be put in place during the audit itself. Now, comments can be put in place from end to end. We’ve added a new feature that allows users to add comments throughout the internal passage of an audit, sharing their thoughts while an audit is in review and even after a report has been generated. To make things even more convenient, we’ve added pre-written clickable comments in the audit report so that the next person in the chain can add their notes without having to spend time to painstakingly write and rewrite what might be identical comments on multiple reports.

Failed Tasks Require Action

Each item on your checklists and audits reflects the thought you have given to every one of your brand standards. With our latest update, MeazureUp is by your side, helping to ensure quality and consistency. Failed tasks can now require action to set things right before moving on. Users can toggle this option on the AuditApp web task configuration. When set, if a task fails, the action icon will show red until it is completed. The if/then environment forces action, empowering managers to ensure quality by requiring them to create a task, assign it to an employee, and give it a deadline. The audit process is paused and the assessment cannot move forward until these steps are complete.

This exciting new feature is especially useful in identifying most-frequently failed tasks. Managers can log in, and see which tasks require action most often and in the greatest number of locations. Imagine, for example, that reports consistently show bathrooms as less sparkling than desired. This information points to a gap between what employees believe is expected of them and what management actually needs accomplished. A proactive response is required. Armed with knowledge, you can modify training to achieve greater clarity and engage your staff as partners in relationship-building with your customers.

Add Images to Action Plans

Want to make sure that actions are completed exactly as you need? Don’t tell staff what must be done. Show them. Use our latest feature to add an image from your phone to an action so that employees have total understanding of your expectations. It’s quick and easy. Just snap a photo from your phone and attach it to a task or action.

Benchetrit is excited about these new features. He says, “Our upgrades make it easier for users to ensure compliance with brand standards than ever before.”

Would you like to learn more about how MeazureUp’s latest features can help you create growth by ensuring brand consistency across locations at your restaurants, convenience stores, dispensaries, or other businesses? Schedule a free demo today.