Making the Most of Your Customized Auditapp Pilot Experience

By August 30, 2022 Blog
staff using meazureup auditapp in tablet

The decision to embark on a business relationship with a new software or service is a significant one. Making that transition will involve effort and expense at all levels of your company. Before signing up, you’ve got to do your due diligence. Not only must you be as certain as possible that the new product will meet your needs and show a quick return on your investment, you’ve got to stake your professional reputation on it.

Many providers offer trial periods to help you feel more confident but only 10% of those trials actually result in conversion. There are many reasons for this low rate. Users often find the trial period too short to offer a chance for meaningful experimentation with the product. The trial might offer only a single license so that others don’t get a chance to give it a try. Valuable software features might be locked, making it impossible to envision how the service could have company-wide impact.

Because we’re so confident in our products, MeazureUp has opted out of the free trial model. We’ll provide your company with a no-cost customized pilot instead.

Enjoy the difference between a trial and a customized pilot.

Most software as a service companies offer their free trials as part of a sales funnel. After filling out a form online, you’ll be given access to a base level of their product for anywhere from a few days to a month. You probably have to enter a credit card number to get started so that they can automatically charge you for a subscription at the end of the trial period. You might get some canned emails asking you how your trial is going and encouraging you to sign up for a long-term commitment, but it’s likely that you will never talk to a person.

That’s not how we do it. When you reach out to MeazureUp to learn more about how you can boost revenue by creating a consistent customer experience across locations with AuditApp, our digital field assessment tool, the relationship will start with a conversation.

You’ll begin by scheduling a convenient online meeting with our executive team. During that meeting, we’ll ask you questions so that we can become familiar with your company’s history, size, structure, and current audit process. Then we’ll take you on a tour of AuditApp to show you all of the software’s features. When you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll provide us with a spreadsheet or other document delineating the tasks that you’re currently auditing. Our team will use that to prepare your pilot. Customization is key, as we want this experience to be as real for you as possible.

At MeazureUp, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all pilots. Nothing is held back. Everything that our paying users access during their field assessments will be available to you. There are no preset user or location limits, so you can share your pilot up and down the chain of command. Even better, you’ll have as long as you need to try AuditApp and see the impact a choice to subscribe can have at your company.

Take all the time you need to fully explore critical features.

In order to maximize your pilot experience, you’re going to want to use AuditApp to conduct as many real-life audits as possible. Ray Abramson, MeazureUp’s COO, says, “The more audits that a company completes during their pilot period, the better. The software will use those audits to populate the back end and send email summaries and reports to all stakeholders.”

You can expect your AuditApp field assessments to be very different from any you’ve done before. The old, weeks-long undertaking of completing an audit, typing up reports, performing calculations, and emailing back and forth will be gone. In its place will be a quick process, conveniently managed from the smartphone already in your pocket. Simply arrive on site, launch the app, and use the fields that our team has customized with your audit specs. We’ll take it from there.

Discover how quick results boost morale.

Everyone at your company who is part of the audit team will be invited to participate in your AuditApp pilot. Some might initially be resistant to change, especially those who have been doing things the same way for a long time. Pen and paper, spreadsheets, shared drives aren’t particularly effective audit tools any more, but they are familiar. That hesitation quickly dissipates when they experience AuditApp for themselves.

Most notably, says Abramson, “The data to action timeline shrinks. They conduct an audit, see an issue at the store, upload photos, and create a store-level action plan complete with comments, assigned tasks, reminders, and a deadline on the spot.” Abramson continues, “These new audits are so much more effective that companies often identify and address organization-wide issues during their AuditApp pilot.” Staff members quickly comprehend the value and benefits of a user-friendly product built specifically for this purpose.

Empower managers to focus on what matters.

Your leadership team’s true purpose is to coach their staff members to do the best possible job. When that happens, operations improve. Customer experience is standardized across locations, cultivating brand loyalty and driving revenue. Any chore which diverts upper-level attention from employee supervision and mentorship disrupts that chain, creating an environment that fails to maximize profits. By streamlining the audit process, MeazureUp enables managers to focus their time and energy on staff development and other more directly income-generating projects. One way to document this transformation is simply to ask managers to record the amount of time that they spend on audits and follow up beginning a few weeks before your pilot period begins.

Create a positive work environment for store employees.

Many industries have been hard-hit by the “Great Resignation,” changes in the workforce since beginning of the pandemic, perhaps none worse than the restaurant sector. Employment levels in the food sector have halved since 2019. Owners and managers are scrambling for staff. Those who are willing to take jobs in restaurants are bringing new expectations with them. They want their jobs to be as straightforward as possible. Whether in a restaurant, convenience store, or other business, failed audit items are important to managers, but can be misperceived as distractions by employees or even as outside the scope of their jobs. By guiding employees to resolve failed tasks with clear directions and photos, AuditApp helps them return to their primary responsibilities quickly. Many current MeazureUp customers have reported that their crews were happier and more satisfied even before their pilots ended.

Let’s get this pilot started!

Are you ready to learn how you can create growth by ensuring brand consistency across locations at your restaurants, convenience stores, dispensaries, or other business? Take the first step toward a customized MeazureUp pilot. Schedule your free demo today.