7 Reasons to Switch from Your Site Visit Tool to MeazureUp

By November 3, 2021 All, Blog
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If you’ve made the jump from paper to digital site visit tools, you’ve taken a great step toward improved monitoring and compliance. But could you do even better? Digital audits and checklists with the right set of features and design will help you protect margin, grow revenue, innovate new services, and add locations. If your tool isn’t doing that for you today, take a look at MeazureUp’s site visit solutions.

MeazureUp’s applications have been designed and refined with the features and capabilities that confer the most business value to companies across industries. In particular, our customers have benefited from these 7 advantages of MeazureUp:

  • Unlimited user business model
  • Strong analytics
  • Open API
  • Location and time stamping
  • Offline functions
  • Bluetooth thermometer integration
  • ROI-boosting features

If your current solution falls short, you could be missing out on cost savings, increased productivity, and revenue growth.

Here’s what MeazureUp’s unique offering can do for you:

1. Save Costs and Maximize Benefits With an Unlimited User Business Model.

Digital checklists and audit tools do the most for your business when any employee can use them. But if you have a per-user or per-location pricing model for your current site visit tool, it’s too expensive to open up to most workers.

You benefit from unlimited users because when everyone has access to the tools, the whole team understands the tasks to be completed and the minimum performance standards. The checklist and audit apps help break down silos in your business and keep every team member focused on essential work. Plus, MeazureUp offers unlimited checklists, so you can customize action plans for any situation – even for individual training – with no additional cost.

When you have an unlimited user model, no one has to share logins to use the application. Leadership can track completion results to individuals and identify performance problems or outstanding work at the employee level. And with MeazureUp, users can complete checklists concurrently, so managers ensure everyone is following procedures.

2. Identify Business Trends and Proactively Update Leadership With Strong Analytics.

Digital site visit tools generate a lot of information about work activity. There’s incredible power in that data, and MeazureUp solutions include data analytics so you can leverage that power to grow the business.

All the data from checklists is uploaded to the cloud, where MeazureUp compiles it into reports. The tool also sends an email summary after every checklist or audit is submitted. And collected data is presented on a graphical dashboard.

Managers can manipulate the dashboard graphics to compare checklist and audit results by location, region, or brand. And the performance trends help you identify areas for improvement you may never have uncovered without the checklist data.

3. Easily Integrate With Other Business Tools With Open APIs.

Your business includes more than just employee performance. You also need to measure other components, such as online activity, sales numbers, and supply chain operation. That’s why MeazureUp’s app incorporates open APIs for integration with other data analysis tools.

Open APIs make is easier for applications produced by different developers to share information. If, for example, you want to combine online shopping and web engagement stats with checklist and audit results, the open APIs allow MeazureUp to easily push its data to other software that will analyze it all together. Then you can correlate employee performance with other metrics to get a holistic reading of the business and uncover opportunities to grow revenue or cut costs.

Use this powerful data analysis to test new innovations as well. Try a new service or implement a new operating procedure in one location, pull together all the data from checklists and other apps, and compare the results with the rest of the company to measure the improvements. If a redesigned procedure works well, easily push it to all locations with updated checklists and action plans.

4. Weed Out ‘Pencil Whipping’ and Encourage Accountability With Geotagging.

MeazureUp helps managers ensure employees are actually doing the assignments they’re checking off by automatically logging the worker’s location and how long it takes them to complete the list. You know the place and time of day when each list should be finished and how long it takes an average person to do the work. Employees have a much harder time skipping tasks, which increases their accountability and improves your compliance results.

MeazureUp also lets you lock checklists after they’re due, so if employees don’t complete work on time, you’ll know immediately. And for each user, the applications save a recent history so you can quickly find people who are struggling and help them get back on track.

With ‘pencil whipping’ stamped out, you can publicly acknowledge and reward people for excellent completion results. These rewards help all employees see the value of what they do, understand that management also appreciates their work, and take more responsibility for their assignments.

5. Use Site Visit Tools With or Without Internet Access.

MeazureUp’s applications are connected to the internet so the results upload automatically to your dashboards. However, if there’s no internet available, such as in storage rooms or freezers, MeazureUp continues to work. Once an employee opens an audit or checklist, the information is downloaded to their mobile device. So if they move to an internet dead zone or if the connection drops, they can complete their work. MeazureUp will upload the entered data once it senses a connection again.

6. Ensure Food Safety With Bluetooth Thermometer Integration.

Any business working with food has to ensure it stays fresh and safe to consume. If a freezer or cooler breaks or if an employee fails to set the temperature properly, you may lose the food stored there before the problem is discovered. However, MeazureUp’s solution can communicate with Bluetooth thermometers, checking in to ensure that temperatures stay within a safe range. If temperatures vary, MeazureUp will alert your team so you can quickly address the issue.

7. Realize the Optimal ROI for Your Site Visit Tool.

Every business needs to ensure employees are following standard operating procedure. But many audit tools are included in business suites with features that you may never use but still have to pay for.

MeazureUp solutions are streamlined for checklists and audits with the features our customers find most helpful – no costly but useless extras. We’ve focused our research and development on adding features proven to confer value well beyond their price tag. And MeazureUp designers keep the app interface simple to use so everyone can participate and owners get the most out of the investment.

Get More From Your Site Audits and Checklists With MeazureUp

MeazureUp understands how checklists and audits can do much more than monitor compliance. With the right combination of features and flexibility, these apps help you manage expenses, build high-performing teams, and innovate new revenue-generators.

MeazureUp apps were designed to help your business thrive and grow. See what they can do for you – click here to set up a free demo.