Partnership Update: The Kitchen Sink Book

By MeazureUp October 17, 2023 Press Release
the kitchen sink book

A few months back, we launched our partnership with The Fifteen Group, one of North America’s leading hospitality consulting services, with the goal of helping their customers improve restaurant operations through using MeazureUp’s site visit and daily checklist platforms.

With our core mission being to help customers achieve operational consistency and excellence, we wanted to promote the Kitchen Sink, an invaluable resource created by Fifteen Group CEO David Hopkins.

The Kitchen Sink book is a must-read for restaurant owners and operators, offering essential insights on improving the customer experience and maximizing profit. Drawing on 35+ years of working in restaurants and with restaurant leaders, Hopkins explores easy implementable operational techniques and comprehensive frameworks to get the most out of your stores.

About The Fifteen Group

The Fifteen Group is a leading hospitality consultancy serving North American restaurants. The Fifteen Group believes that all restaurants should be operating with profit margins greater than 15%. With that goal in mind, The Fifteen Group assists with all aspects of restaurants – from day-to-day operations to concept creation to fiscal responsibility systems.

Founded in 2001, The Fifteen Group has worked with over 1000 food and beverage operations, both developing new restaurant concepts and improving the profitability of existing restaurants.

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About the Author

David Hopkins is a restaurant industry leader and founder of The Fifteen Group, a leading restaurant consulting agency that provides valuable insights into maximizing profits, regardless of business stage or size. Drawing on his 35+ years of experience, Hopkins uses The Kitchen Sink to detail everything you’d need to know about being successful in the restaurant industry.