Announcing the Partnership Between Northland Investments and MeazureUp

By MeazureUp November 2, 2017 Press Release

Toronto, ON, Canada – November 2, 2017 – MeazureUp welcomes Northland Investments as the group officially joins the customer team. With some of the most recognizable and iconic restaurant brands in the world like KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers and Blaze Pizza, this Michigan based Franchisee group manages 70 locations total across their various brands. For Northland Investments, they chose to go with MeazureUp, the leading digital field assessment, and operational solution to help foster their business growth strategy.

Currently operating in locations across the Midwest and Kentucky, Northland Investments success is measured by their ability to execute on the brand plan as supplied by Corporate. To help ensure this, Northland relies on a strong operational plan with processes that allow their team members to manage great restaurants that customers will love. As they continue to evaluate and look for new brands and locations to bring into the Northland portfolio, the need for standardized and easily executable operations is key to the companies’ success.

David Pierce, Vice President Operations at Northland Investments, said,” we are excited to join MeazureUp and add a tool like this into the fold. It will undoubtedly become a difference maker for our staff as it helps them not only conduct assessments but provide detailed analytics that will aid the company to achieve high levels of operational success.” Chad Weiss, Director of IT, expressed similar enthusiasm and was positive that MeazureUp, “will help them in gathering stronger assessments from their locations. The tool will provide irrefutable data from each audit, making it easier for our operators across our large amalgamation of brands.”

MeazureUp offers Northland Investments a way to manage operational consistency for their existing network of restaurants. As they continue to scale, MeazureUp will support them to make both their existing and new locations run efficiently. Using any mobile device, David’s team can visit stores and track all assessment information from one convenient place. With the capability to take photos, add comments and create action plans with ease, increased accountability comes standard. Management can now see detailed analytics and begin to spot operational trends on what’s succeeding and what needs improvement. All this functionality is accessible in real-time, saving countless hours of time converting handwritten or typed notes into a quality report.

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New Customer Alert- Northland Investments Inc.

About Northland Investments:

Northland Investments includes Mariane, Inc., Bells and Birds Inc. and Blaze Midwest. Some of the restaurant franchises managed by the company include KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and Blaze Pizza to name a few. Northland Investments is based in Michigan with operations spread across locations in the Midwest and in Kentucky where we currently manage 70 restaurants employing more than 2,000 people. Established in 1987, the organization has been around in the hospitality industry for 30 years, growing over the years to include a formidable group of leading restaurants. For more information visit

About MeazureUp:

MeazureUp is a cloud-based software company assisting over 2500 Users and 50 brands ranging from 2-500 locations manage their operational consistency. Using the MeazureUp solution, organizations can gather internal information with detailed analytics and operational intelligence using a digital platform. With thousands of locations currently on board, MeazureUp can help owners and management focus on their core concern, growing their business. For more information visit the or contact with any questions.