Announcing the Partnership Between CoreLife Eatery and MeazureUp

By MeazureUp September 28, 2017 Press Release

Toronto, ON, Canada – September 28, 2017 – Today, CoreLife Eatery officially joins as the newest member of their growing customer roster to use the MeazureUp Digital Field Assessment solution. As a brand that first opened their doors in 2015, CoreLife Eatery has been expanding at a torrid pace, having started the year with 7 locations and aiming for 28 by years’ end. The key to this successful development is undoubtedly in large part due to their progressive strategy of implementing strong leadership and new technology. MeazureUp will be relied upon to manage brand and operational consistency as CoreLife continues to add new locations with new franchisees.

Scott Davis, President of CoreLife Eatery stated, “Adding MeazureUp into the fold, is going to pay direct dividends, not only with our existing location management but more importantly as we continue to bring new franchisees online.” Mr. Davis, formerly the CCO at Panera Bread is an expert on how to develop restaurant chains, having been an executive with Panera since their inception in 1996. “At CoreLife we offer a unique value proposition for great tasting and healthy options that can power our customers throughout their days. Our plan is to bring this fast-casual concept to the masses with successful roll-outs of more locations, new online ordering and catering options. A sound operational plan with a viable tool like MeazureUp is paramount to executing on these goals.” CoreLife is tracking the shifting demands of consumer preferences towards healthy and great tasting food. Leveraging a comfortable and inviting environment, CoreLife attracts people with food that is actively prepared, not pre-made.

The MeazureUp solution provides Mr. Davis and his team with what they need to create a robust operational field assessment plan across the CoreLife organization. With the MeazureUp application, any District Manager (DM) can conduct store visits with in-audit functionality such as image, comment and Action Plan tracking. Accessible via any Android or iOS device, DM’s only require a mobile device to record an assessment. Once submitted, each report is aggregated together on the MeazureUp dashboard so that CoreLife can identify and improve their operational controls, all in real-time.

MeazureUp welcomes the opportunity to work alongside CoreLife Eatery and their team.

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About CoreLife Eatery Group:

We opened our first eatery in Syracuse in May of 2015. As we all watched things move toward convenience and away from the whole foods that our bodies really need, we saw a “real” opportunity. What if there were a place that sought out the best foods available and then prepared those foods right there instead of having a truck deliver pre-prepared foods full of all kinds of who-knows what? Why should it be so hard for someone to find food that tastes really great, without feeling like they have to give up their health to get it? Those kinds of questions all get answered here. We think that kind of a place is more than a restaurant… that kind of a place is CoreLife! For more information visit the CoreLife site with any questions.

About MeazureUp:

MeazureUp is a cloud based software company assisting over 2500 Users and 50 brands ranging from 2-500 locations manage their operational consistency. Using the MeazureUp solution, organizations can gather internal information with detailed analytics and operational intelligence using a digital platform. With thousands of locations currently on board, MeazureUp can help owners and management focus on their core concern, growing their business. For more information visit the MeazureUp site or contact with any questions.