Last Minit Mart Adds MeazureUp Audit App for Brand Consistency

By November 19, 2018 Press Release

Today, MeazureUp welcomes the Pennsylvania based convenience store chain, Last Minit Mart, as their newest audit app partner. Last Minit Mart, a property of 21st Century Energy Group is the latest addition to MeazureUp’s list of multi-unit chains utilizing a digital solution for restaurant operations. With this, Last Minit Mart will be able to standardize and optimize brand consistency through a digital field audit solution. Spread across nine locations in western Pennsylvania, Last Minit Mart is not just your average fuel stop. They supply customers with snacks and on the go meals, leading them to recognize the benefit of creating sound organizational systems like MeazureUp’s digital field audit program.

Jeff Taylor, the Director of Stores at Last Minit Mart, is hopeful that they will be able to leverage the MeazureUp solution to help optimize brand consistency. Recently, Jeff and the team added two new units to the portfolio and with the help of MeazureUp, they will be able to ensure that operations are managed and standardized across both the existing and new locations. The organization has been supplying high-quality gasoline and diesel fuels for nearly 50 years and expects the consistency of their standards to continue for the next 50 years. “MeazureUp’s digital application will help us maintain the standards we are famous for and give us real-time data analytics guaranteeing the execution excellence of our services”, he added.

The Last Minit Mart convenience stores are also fully stocked for snacks and on the go meals serving food and beverages from famous brands that include Subway and Chester Fried Chicken among others. Last Minit Mart not only “fuels your drive”, as they famously state, but also provide storage equipment, along with service and repair, industrial batteries, Propane storage tanks and transfer/dispensing options for fuel needs.

In overseeing nine locations while simultaneously trying to manage the organization’s operations, Mr. Taylor recognizes just how valuable his time can be: “Travelling from location to location and presiding over daily operations requires me to do a lot while focusing on brand growth and awareness. By partnering with MeazureUp, I know that each of my stores will be run in the most efficient manner possible. In addition to this, it will help ensure that employees are executing our vision all via a digital audit app solution”.

Jeff mentioned that the best part with the MeazureUp App is that he can “measure, compare and record all the variables involved in operations while reviewing trends right on his computer screen”. “What is great”, he concluded, “is that with MeazureUp, I have a method of measuring how successful my operational strategy is”.

MeazureUp understands the importance of organizational consistency and will ensure that the high standards of Last Minit Mart are met through the use of their digital audit solution. With live photos, annotated comments, action plans and live temperature readings available in-app, uniformity can be monitored from any mobile device. Once an assessment is completed, a summary is automatically emailed to all relevant stakeholders. The data and analytics are available on an easy to use, cloud-based audit app which any authorized user can access. Now, management can analyze aggregated data on MeazureUp’s Business Intelligence Center and use extensive analytics to make smart, data-driven operational decisions.

MeazureUp is looking forward to working with the Last Minit Mart convenience store team!

About Last Minit Mart

Last Minit Mart, an independent convenience stores chain providing fuel based services, is a privately held company with its headquarters in New Castle. It opened its first store in 1980 and has nine locations now, all in western Pennsylvania. Its parent organization is the 21st Century Energy Group, established in 1975, which has been providing home heating oils, propane, commercial petroleum products, industrial oils, commercial fueling cards, batteries, and convenience store items in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, South-Western New York, and North-Western West Virginia for the last 50 years.  Last Minit Mart’s goal is to provide the best service possible to their customers and the community by delivering the highest quality heating fuel, gasoline, diesel, and propane at the best prices while also providing snacks and beverages at their stores. For more details see our website.

About MeazureUp

MeazureUp is a cloud-based software company assisting over 90 brands and thousands of locations manage their operational consistency. Using the MeazureUp audit app, organizations can gather internal information with detailed analytics and operational intelligence using a digital platform. With users across North America currently on board, MeazureUp can help management and district managers focus on their core concern, growing their business. For more information, visit the MeazureUp website or contact 1-855-MEAZURE (632-9873) with any questions.