MOD Pizza
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Faster Process Changes
  • Improved Safety Protocols

Founded in 2008, MOD Pizza growing to 500+ locations was no fluke. MOD is constantly looking for ways to improve brand wide operational consistency so when they identified their paper checklist and site visit forms as a potential flaw, they acted accordingly. 

MOD utilizes both of MeazureUp’s modules, AuditApp and DailyChex, to help manage consistency across their stores. Using AuditApp allows MOD to record assessments and flag locations in real time that aren’t complying. When problems are failing repeatedly, MOD recognizes this is a systemic issue and can address a problem at its root. Further, MeazureUp helps fast deployment of brand wide process updates or LTOs, like their “Flash MODS”, which often feature a new menu item deployed across the country: “These menu items are a huge part of what makes MOD Pizza unique, but they are often challenging to rollout due to the temporary nature of them—DailyChex helps streamline the process,” says Kristen Driscoll, vice president of operations excellence at MOD Pizza.

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