Last Minit Mart
  • Improved Assessment Scores
  • Increased Cleanliness
  • Stronger Food Safety Compliance

Some convenience stores don’t believe that their cleanliness and food safety standards need to match those of a restaurant. But Jeff Taylor, Director of Stores for Last Minit Mart, a 10 location convenience store chain based out of Pennsylvania, disagrees, which is why Jeff chose to partner with MeazureUp.

Prior to MeazureUp, Last Minit Mart managed their site visits using paper and pencil but found that employees would often repeat mistakes, failing to correct their issues from previous site visits, which would take a toll on store cleanliness. But since partnering with MeazureUp two years ago, employees have reversed that trend, likely because they’re held accountable by Jeff, even if he isn’t at the store: “We can see when stores are correcting problems. I can also use my phone to get a quick overview of what my area managers are doing.” Given this added layer of visibility, Jeff realized he could tie assessment scores to compensation: “We incentivize our managers based on store standards. Over time, we’ve been able to increase that bonus threshold from 70% to 80%. Overall, the conditions of our stores have improved dramatically and on the food safety side, we’re definitely better at adhering to those guidelines.”

Learn more about how you can increase field assessment scores through improved cleanliness and food safety by taking a short demo.