Great Harvest Bread Co.
  • Real-Time Accountability
  • Improved Franchisee Management
  • Streamlined Corrective Action

Starting as a single bakery in Montana in 1976, Great Harvest Bread Company has managed to grow to more than 35 states through their franchised business model. Just like baking a loaf of bread, Great Harvest understands the importance of consistency towards a positive customer experience. Just as the same ratios of ingredients must go into every batch for the bread to taste and feel the same every time, operationally, one poor experience could potentially ruin the Great Harvest’s image in the customers mind. 

This feat becomes even more challenging when tracking operational performance with word documents, emails and excel spreadsheets. This is what Lauren Johnson and the field operations team was doing before MeazureUp, and even though it worked, it was not optimizing their growth: “Prior to MeazureUp, we were using a mashup of word docs, emails and spreadsheets. We were extracting info insights, but wasn’t organized.”

Since implementing MeazureUp, Great Harvest has seen major changes in their franchise management, largely as a result of the real-time accountability that comes with MeazureUp products. Now, field auditors, who measure operational performance from Great Harvests corporate team, can see how newly franchised stores are scoring in real-time from the startup travellers, who are tasked with getting new franchisees up to speed: “Its really helped us break down silos between startup travellers and field reps. If a store has transferred from one owner to another and I have a startup visitor at that store, the field rep can get that data to further help support the new franchisee”

Johnson also praises MeazureUp’s action plan feature for helping them engrain a ‘culture of action’ into their employees: “Acton plans have definitely been big for us. When we finish a field assessment, we want multiple actions stemming rom every audit so we can follow up and improve on anything that needs it.” By mirroring their cultural desires through their product usage, Johnson has seen stores perform up to corporate standards while reducing incident resolution time across the brand. 

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