Golden Corral
  • Time saved through revamped processes
  • Finding core operational problems
  • Streamlined corrective action

COVID presented tough times for many chains in the restaurant industry but no segment was hit harder than the ally can eat buffet niche. With all food on display for all customers to access, optically, it’s a health and safety nightmare. When the storm was weathered, and Golden Corral was looking to bring back some of their furloughed staff, there was an assumption that sales wouldn’t hit pre-pandemic levels right away. Still wanting to operate 350+ stores, the decision was made empower fewer employees to do more.

One of these employees was Manuel Gomez, Senior Training Instructor from Golden Corral, who was now responsible for taking a larger role with respect to in-store operations, specifically on the site visit side: “In the training department, you wouldn’t think we’d be so involved with operational audits. But after covid, we’re taking on jobs from more roles due to staffing issues.”

This led to the eventual partnership with MeazureUp, which was made enabled employees to do more with less by giving employees some of their valuable time back. One primary example is in the post site visit process. Once relying on the auditor to enter all results into a laptop once the audit is complete, MeazureUp relieves this burden: “Before, it was done on paper. after the audit was complete, it would be taken to a laptop in the restaurant to transfer all the info to the laptop. The big difference with MeazureUp is that we can do it right from the phone. This helps us save a lot of time.”

When asked about the most useful features, Manuel hit on the following: “Pictures and action plans. A picture tells 1000 words – our multi unit operators say that all the time.and its not just a way to show something that needs to be fixed. Its just as effective as to show evidence that something good has happened. I also love action plans. Created right on the spot – I love the ability to set and send reminder notifications whenever we want. Too many times you set a goal or action plan and never revisit. MeazureUp helps close that gap.”