Dana Hospitality
  • Greater Store Consistency
  • Reduced Assessment Time
  • Integrated Training Programs

Dana Hospitality isn’t your typical restaurant chain. Specializing in preparing meals from scratch for schools, venues and other businesses of all sizes, Dana Hospitality proudly employs over 1600 staff to serve out of more than 160 sites with the goal of bringing clients truly exceptional food quality and service. 

Lada John, Director of Operations for Dana Hospitality, was overseeing operations using a typical spreadsheet system. Store managers and regional auditors would independently conduct assessments to ensure that sites were following operational procedure, but store comparison was difficult without a system to properly aggregate data. This impact was seen in the marketing and branding scores assigned by Lada’s team. With stores frequently scoring in the 50% range, Lada knew it was time for change.  

With MeazureUp, Lada can get all the reporting for store comparison purposes that her team needed without having to worry about cleansing and aggregating assessment data. “Before, it was a traditional spreadsheet with no follow up, and minimal comparison of performance. Now, it’s at the click of the mouse. Statistics, comparisons are all there. There really is no comparison between paper and this.” After rolling out this new process, results soon followed. On top of integrating training programs into the MeazureUp platform to help their employees learn on the job, Lada saw a drastic improvement in operational performance: “ The biggest benefit is seeing improvements in operational scores across the brand. Many stores started at 50%, most are above 80% and some are at 100%.” 

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