Basil Box
  • Streamlined Health & Safety Inspections
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Improved Data Aggregation

Basil Box started with a simple mission – bring healthy Asian inspired food to the Canada. Since 2016, Basil Box has grown from one store in Toronto to 10, pushing them to explore other cities in the Canadian Market. As they opened stores in Alberta, BC and Ottawa, store level operational processes became harder to replicate, especially when relying on paper to monitor progress.

“We used to print everything out and throw nothing away. The paper and waste were piling up,” says Krya Santa Ana, Business Development Manager. Without processing data from their assessments, it was challenging to make data driven decisions. By switching from a manual, laborious paper system for in-store checklists to a digital system, all the info that management needed can be easily accessed from a mobile device. This helps improve the quality of operations while streamlining health inspector visits: “Whenever health inspectors visit, it’s very easy to show them food temp records for any period that they want.” 

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