Alta Convenience
  • Streamlined store operations
  • Real-time reporting
  • Reduced assessment time

Dennis Dirske is the Vice President of Retail Operations for Alta Convenience, a Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico convenience store chain with 156 locations. Dirske believes that MeazureUp has helped streamline his stores’ operations, increase profitability, and improve the customer experience.

Before implementing MeazureUp, Dirske found that many of the manual tasks associated with running his stores, such as inventory management and reporting, were time-consuming and cumbersome. However, since implementing the platform, Dirske has been able to automate many of these tasks, freeing up more time for him to focus on other aspects of his business.

MeazureUp has also allowed Dirske to be more responsive to changes in the market and customer demand by providing real-time updates and tools for quickly creating and executing promotional campaigns. This has helped increase profitability at his stores through reducing costs. 

Finally, MeazureUp’s tools have helped Dirske and Alta Convince improve the customer experience at his stores by allowing him to track customer interactions and preferences through audit results that have helped create personalized loyalty programs.

Overall, MeazureUp has had a significant impact on Dirske’s day-to-day operations, helping him save time and increase profitability while also improving the customer experience at his stores. To learn more about Dirske and his experience using MeazureUp, check out the feature written by CStore Decisions.