The Power of a Restaurant General Manager’s Duty Checklist

By Jason Bench January 16, 2024 Blog, Restaurant
restaurant general managers duties checklist

Restaurant general managers juggle a variety of tasks from overseeing staff and managing the budget to ensuring customer satisfaction and upholding quality. Checklists are critical to your success, keeping everything organized and running smoothly in an often chaotic and high-stress environment. A great restaurant general manager’s duty checklist is more than just a to do list. It’s a roadmap that maintains high standards and creates a consistent experience for customers, driving customer loyalty and boosting revenue. Let’s explore how thoughtfully designed and effectively implemented checklists can make a big difference in the complex, fast-paced world of restaurant management.

I watch a lot of astronaut movies….mostly Star Wars. And even Han and Chewie use a checklist. – Jon Stewart

The Role of a Restaurant General Manager

Restaurant general managers oversee everything from daily operations to long-term strategy. It’s a broad role that requires a balance of people skills and business acumen. Typical areas of responsibility include:

  • Staff Management: General managers assign responsibilities and hold staff accountable for completing tasks accurately and on time. They also handle scheduling and payroll, hiring, training, and sometimes even mediating conflicts.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Interacting with customers, handling complaints, and ensuring that the restaurant delivers a high-quality experience are all top priorities. This includes supervising the staff, ensuring food quality, managing wait times, and maintaining the ambiance. Happy customers are more likely to return, to spend more on each visit, and to recommend the restaurant to others, all of which are vital for business growth.
  • Brand Standards: Consistency is key to creating a reliable and memorable experience for customers. A skilled general manager ensures that every aspect of the restaurant, from the menu to the décor, aligns with the company’s branding, vision, and values.
  • Financial Management: In an industry where margins average only 3-5%, budgeting, controlling costs, analyzing sales data, and making strategic decisions to increase profitability is critical. Whether finding ways to reduce waste, negotiating with suppliers, or setting prices, a general manager’s decisions significantly affect the restaurant’s bottom line.

A well-structured duty checklist is an invaluable tool that helps restaurant general managers navigate a complex job efficiently and effectively.

What Duty Checklists Do You Need?

Success hinges on small details, and this is where a restaurant general manager’s well-crafted duty checklist becomes invaluable. It will help you stay organized, prioritize tasks, and delegate effectively, ensuring that nothing is overlooked, and that each aspect of your restaurant’s operation is given the attention it deserves. At a minimum, you should create and implement checklists around these operational procedures:

  • Opening and closing routines
  • Food preparation
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Food storage
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment status and routine maintenance
  • Staff Management and Training
  • Customer Service and Experience
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Supply Chain and Vendor Management

Building Brand Consistency and Customer Loyalty with a Duty Checklist

To increase customer lifetime value by cultivating brand loyalty, restaurant general managers must demand consistency. When diners know they can expect the same great experience on every visit to any of your locations, they’re more likely to become regulars and even advocates for the restaurant. Your duty checklist should cover every aspect of operations, from the cleanliness of the dining area to the presentation of the food. This alignment with brand standards systematically reinforces the brand identity through every touchpoint — whether it’s the greeting customers receive, the ambiance of the restaurant, or the quality of the customer service. A duty checklist increases the likelihood that every customer encounter with your restaurant reflects the brand’s values and makes good on its promises.

A Restaurant General Manager’s Duty Checklist Impacts Revenue

The influence of a well-executed restaurant general manager’s duty checklist extends into revenue generation, arguably the most important area of any business. By ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, your checklists directly contribute to the financial health of the restaurant. Here’s how:

  • Cost Control: Regular monitoring of inventory prevents over-ordering and reduces waste, leading to lower expenses. Similarly, maintenance checks help identify and address minor issues before they become costly repairs. This proactive management keeps operational costs in check, directly impacting the bottom line.
  • Improved Staff Performance: Efficient scheduling, timely training, and regular evaluations ensure that the staff is productive, engaged, and happy in their jobs. High-performing staff provide better customer service, turn tables faster, commit fewer order errors, and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Customer Retention: The consistent, high-quality customer experience that a restaurant general manager’s duty checklist helps to create leads to repeat business. Regular customers visit your restaurant more often and spend more per visit than new customers do. Additionally, satisfied customers often provide word-of-mouth referrals, further increasing revenue without additional marketing costs.

Revolutionize Your Duty Checklist with a Digital Solution

Technology is transforming the restaurant industry and digital solutions like DailyChex by MeazureUp are revolutionizing a restaurant general manager’s job. A traditional duty checklist, often involving pen, paper, and clipboards, can be prone to several failures that a digital solution prevents:

  • Pencil-Whipping: This practice (quickly marking off checklist items without verifying or completing the tasks) leads to unchecked compliance issues and safety hazards. A digital solution requires actual task completion, boosting accountability.
  • Loss or Damage: Paper checklists can be easily misplaced or ruined, leading to data loss. Digital checklists are stored securely in the cloud, ensuring data is preserved and accessible.
  • Inconsistent Execution: Variability in how individuals complete checklists can result in poorly upheld standards. With a digital checklist, tasks, and responses are standardized, ensuring uniformity across all users.
  • Limited Real-Time Visibility: Delayed reporting prevents timely corrective actions. Digital solutions offer real-time updates, enabling immediate response to issues as they arise.
  • Time-Consuming Data Entry: Manual data entry from paper to digital systems is error-prone and inefficient. Digital checklists automatically compile and analyze data, saving time, reducing errors, and providing insights into trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for cost savings.

Digital solutions like DailyChex are essential tools for modern restaurant general managers. They bring efficiency, consistency, and data-driven insights to your duty checklist, making the challenging task of running a successful restaurant more manageable and more effective. Ready to elevate your operational management? Schedule a demo of DailyChex today.