MeazureUp Officially Launches Its Partnership Referral Program

By January 16, 2018 Blog

Today MeazureUp is proud to launch their new Partnership Referral Program!

With this new program, MeazureUp aims to leverage existing customers and colleagues to help introduce them to qualified individuals in hopes of creating new relationships. As the roster of MeazureUp customers continues to grow, the opportunity to offer a mutually beneficial program like this becomes more important. The goal with this program is to find individuals who would find value from a modern multi-unit field operations solution.

When the business successfully closes, the referrer is given a few compensation options ranging from a monetary fee to a discount on their own annual MeazureUp subscription or even a customer feature article. Also, because the new customer arrived via the Partnership Referral Program, they will receive MeazureUp’s Preferred Pricing, giving them a unique discount on their first year of service.

This is an exciting new opportunity for the MeazureUp community. To learn more feel free to click here for the Official Partnership Referral Program or reach out directly at the button below:

Partnership Referral Program Click Here